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Call for volunteers: Social Media Mola Mola

We're looking for a Social Media Mola Mola! The Social Media Mola Mola will be in charge of creating and scheduling daily content for our Facebook page (at least one post per day) for one month. Posts should fit our daily hashtags, but s/he may also suggest other content and hashtags.

#MondayBlues - Start the week right by sharing good news!

#TravelTuesday - News related to sustainable travel, ecotourism, emerging destinations, marine wildlife interaction, and other travel-related topics

#WasteWatchWednesday - News related to waste, with special attention on single-use waste

Or #WaterYouThinkingWednesday - Invite our followers to share their thoughts on a controversial or polarizing topic

#HopefulHuwebes - A cause for optimism and hope

Or #ThrowbackThursday - Repost a past campaign/collaterals of SPS

#SomethingFishyFriday - Information that needs attention or action

#SeaCritterSaturday - An article or video highlighting a marine species found in the Philippine seas

#SeatizenSunday - Repost #SeatizenSunday blogs posted in 2017 or find feature articles about inspiring seatizens (Filipinos or based in the Philippines) Or

#SustainabilitySunday - Articles that promote sustainable living


  • To generate daily content for the SPS Facebook page

  • To educate and update seatizens on environmental issues

  • To build and engage the SPS community

Terms of Reef-erence:

  • One volunteer/month

  • Posts must be submitted via Google Docs for review and edits on the Friday before the posts are scheduled.

  • S/he will be given editorial access to the Facebook page and be responsible for posting the approved content by Sunday night at the latest.


  • Has experience or interest in writing/researching and developing social media content

  • Familiarity with managing Facebook pages is preferred but not required

  • Has a passion or strong interest in conservation, environmental issues, or advocacy work

Applicants should send a short cover letter introducing himself/herself and why s/he is interested to be the Social Media Mola Mola as the email body, and submit sample content of at least five posts based on the hashtags above to with the subject "Social Media Mola Mola." The content may be in the form of photos, videos, infographics, links of news articles, and events.


January 7

#MondayBlues Imagine a world where plastics are made from marine microorganisms that could biodegrade, produce zero toxic waste, and be recycled into organic waste.

A new study from Tel Aviv University is working towards this world: [The researchers harnessed microorganisms that feed on seaweed to produce a bioplastic polymer called polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA). ‘Our raw material was multicellular seaweed, cultivated in the sea,’ Dr. Alexander Golberg says. ‘These algae were eaten by single-celled microorganisms, which also grow in very salty water and produce a polymer that can be used to make bioplastic.’]

Read more here:

Do you think this can help with the growing plastic pollution problem? Leave your comments below. 👇🏽

January 8

#TravelTuesday Traveling brings you to to new places, introduces you to all kinds of people, and teaches you about different cultures. Unfortunately, traveling comes consequences for the environment because of the amount of items we can consume. Better Places Travel estimates that a tourist uses at least 30 plastic bottles each on just a two-week trip. 😱😳Here are some tips and tricks that can help you avoid plastic bottles on your next vacation:

Want to take your trip a step further? Join the Plastic Battle and use our free resources to write establishments about reducing their plastic bottle consumption. Learn more here:

January 9

Did you know that Messy Bessy, a local social enterprise, has a refill station for a number of their products? If you didn’t, then you’re missing out on a zero-waste dream come true!

Although not all of the products they carry can be refilled just yet, this is a big step for people who want to reduce waste in their households. Imagine the waste you could avoid creating by simply bringing your own container for your cleaning products. Baby steps, seatizens! 👣

Read more about Messy Bessy’s Initiative here:

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