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Waste Watchers (WW) is our overarching project to reduce single-use plastics at source, developed by SEA Camp alumni. Under Waste Watchers, we have the following campaigns:


Defying Gravity addresses the growing trend of lantern and balloon releases by contacting event organizers, informing them of the negative impacts of lanterns and balloons, and using our social media platforms to add public pressure.


Straw Wars aims to reduce/eliminate single-use straws from commercial establishments. 


Plastic Battle aims to reduce or eliminate PET bottles by promoting water refill stations. 


Take It Topless encourages consumers to refuse plastic lids for both hot and cold drinks. 


Seayasat turned the Philippine Ecological Solid Waste Management Act (Republic Act 9003) into a scorecard using its provisions to help commercial establishments assess their compliance.

All the materials of our WW campaigns have been packaged into a free, open-source, downloadable toolkit. Access them here.

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