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Channel your emoceans into actions!


Download any – or all (!) – of our free toolkits to help you become a proactive seatizen. Each toolkit has a presentation deck, letter templates, and printable materials like posters and standees. You can use these to reach out to business establishments, schools, local government units, national government agencies, and individuals.

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Straw Wars aims to reduce or eliminate single-use plastic straws in business establishments.


Plastic Battle aims to reduce or eliminate single-use plastic bottles at the source by engaging with business establishments.


Defying Gravity is a campaign to prevent sky lantern and balloon releases from polluting
our seas and streets.


Take It Topless encourages business establishments to provide consumers the option to remove plastic lids from their drinks.


A compilation of Philippine environmental laws, primers, handbooks, and roadmaps


Seayasat aims to assess the 
degree of compliance of business establishments to environmental 
laws using a formulated checklist 
as a scoring scheme. 

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