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our vision

We envision a country of proud and proactive Filipino seatizens.


As an archipelago of over 7,000 islands, we believe that marine conservation should be part of our daily lives. We aim to narrow the gap between scientists and the general public, the old and young, and the passionate and indifferent by making the sea’s issues accessible and relatable, and by offering an online and offline platform to empower seatizens to take action.


It's been said the Philippines is worth dying for.

We believe the Philippines is worth diving for.


If there were a movie made about the Philippine seas, it should be called Crazy Rich Oceans. The Philippines has been described as the center of marine biodiversity — but also the center of marine adversity.

 Save Philippine Seas (SPS) is a non-profit organization that aims to conserve coastal and marine resources by empowering seatizens for collective action and behavior change. We call ourselves, communities, and partners as "seatizens" to remind us that we are citizens of the sea.


our beginning

SPS began as an online platform in May 2011 as a response to a large-scale illegal wildlife trade case dubbed in the media as the “rape of the Philippine Seas.” What was meant to be a short-lived social media campaign continued to grow. In February 2013, we ofishally became a non-profit organization under the name Philippine Seatizens, Inc.

our team

SPS is run by a small team of dedicated and passionate seatizens. We have a core team of an Executive Director, Creative Director, Project Managers, Admin and Finance Angelfish, and Social Media Mola-Mola. Our team grows depending on our project's needs.

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