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FAQs: 2018 YSEALI Mindanao SEA Camp application

Questions and issues addressed in the FAQs will not be answered via email or social media channels.

About residency

Q: I’m not from Mindanao. Can I still join the YSEALI Mindanao SEA Camp?

No. You need to show proof that you live, study, or work in any city/town in Mindanao.

About the age requirement: Applicants must be 18-23 years old during the SEA Camp.

Q: I’m 17. Can I apply for the SEA Camp?

A: If you are 18 by January 22, 2018, then you may apply.

Q: I’m 24 and above but I’m really active in environmental advocacies. Can you please bend the rules for me?

A: No. Twenty-four is not 23.

Q: Why does there need to be an age limit?

A: The protection of our seas has no age limit – anyone can be an empowered seatizen. But for training programs like the SEA Camp, activities, sessions and modules are more effective if they are created specifically for an age range, rather than a general audience. It’s the same as in other summer workshops, or even at school. Generally, people also tend to be more comfortable working with and sharing their experiences, opinions, and ideas with their peers, compared to others way below or above their age.

We decided to have the age range of 18-23 years old for the participants of this SEA Camp because these are very crucial formative years when these young adults go through experiences that will influence their career choices. By participating in the SEA Camp, we hope that they will be inspired to dedicate more of their time and talents for conservation efforts and maybe even decide to specialize in fields that are geared towards developmental work.

Q: Can you make another SEA Camp for an older or younger age bracket?

A: If there are sponsors and funding available, we would be happy to organize another SEA Camp for other age brackets! Watch out for other opportunities by being in the know: like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and Instagram to receive updates.

About the requirements

Q: What photo should I send?

We showed you a sample. Your arms don’t need to be crossed, we just need a clear, half-body photo for the announcement of participants. We also advised looking at past SEA Camp announcements. One link is here.

About the program

Q: I have work/school in January 2018. Can you schedule another one?

A: We suggest that you check your academic requirements during the SEA Camp dates and see if your professors will let you take make up classes, submit papers or take exams before or after the dates. You can also show your acceptance letter to your professors or employers as proof that you have been chosen to be part of the SEA Camp!

Q: How much would it cost to participate in the SEA Camp?

A: NOTHING! All your travel expenses, food, accommodations, and materials are covered by the program. If you are chosen as a participant, you may bring some pocket money if you want to buy personal items or souvenirs in the local area.

Q: Who is behind the SEA Camp?

A: The SEA Camp is organized by Save Philippine Seas and supported by the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines. To find out more about the U.S. Embassy, please visit, follow them Twitter at @usembassymanila, and Like the Facebook page

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