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Our Seatizen Journey
With your help, we are able to support:

Eleven youth-led projects

Building on the SEA Camps from 2015-2019, Save Philippine Seas and the U.S.
Embassy in the Philippines launched the SEA Camp Summit in 2020. The SEA Camp Summit sought emerging conservation leaders with proposals for online and offline advocacy campaigns and community-based projects addressing issues in illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing and marine debris in the Philippines and other countries in  Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Eleven (11) projects were selected from a competitive pool of applicants. The projects were
co-funded by The Marketplace using proceeds from the Crazy Rich Oceans 2020 summer campaign.

The maintenance and installation of 
mooring buoys in Ceb

The donation from the 2021 summer campaign of The Marketplace and Save Philippine Seas was used for the maintenance and reinstallation of four mooring buoys in the marine protected area (MPA) network in Daanbantayan Island, Cebu. The four MPAs are Dakit-Dakit, Lighthouse, Los Bamboos, and Ka Osting.

At least 10 species of sharks and rays have been spotted in Daanbantayan's municipal waters. Mooring buoys not only demarcate the MPAs but also provide a spot for boats to moor. By mooring to the buoys, fisherfolk and diving boats
avoid throwing anchors in the MPAs, reducing coral damage. Since these species are migratory, healthier reefs could mean healthier populations of sharks and rays.


Develop Earthducation Kits,
which helps transform any space into an eco-learning space

In 2021, proceeds from the Proud Seatizen tote bag will contribute to our Earthducation Kits, allowing seatizens to create eco-learning spaces at home and in classrooms.

"In the end we will conserve only what we love,

we will love only what we understand,

and we will understand only

what we are taught."


Senegalese Forestry Engineer

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