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Call for volunteers: Thresher Camp in Malapascua Island

We're looking for four passionate and dynamic volunteers to be part of the 2nd Thresher Camp in Malapascua Island from April 8-14, 2018! 

The Thresher Camp is an environmental education program that aims to instill deep appreciation and interest in the protection of the marine ecosystems among locals in Malapascua Island. It also aims to raise awareness of marine debris and solid waste management. Activities during the camp include interactive classroom sessions, snorkeling, a waste audit, assessment of waste management practices, and development of community-based, student-led projects.

The program will run for 5 days (April 9-13), training at least 30 high school students to be at the forefront of conservation action on the island. Applicants must be available from April 8-14, 2018, with April 8 and 14 for traveling to and from Malapascua from Cebu City.

We are looking for the following volunteers:


The Recycling Trashformer must:

  • Be able to teach about reusing or repurposing common household or school supplies;

  • Conduct a hands-on workshop on reusing and/or repurposing common household items or school supplies;

  • Be able to teach about different recycling processes for common wastes on the island;

  • Conduct team-building and getting-to-know-you activities; and

  • Mentor students in developing their own recycling projects.


The Waste Trashformer must:

  • Be able to teach about waste segregation based on the common wastes found in the household and on the island, and how to decrease wastes at source by promoting alternatives;

  • Be able to teach about the life span of common wastes and impact to the island and marine life;

  • Be able to conduct a waste audit during the cleanup;

  • Conduct team-building and getting-to-know-you activities; and

  • Mentor students in developing their own waste management projects.

Installation of signs during the 2017 Thresher Camp

Trashformer applicants must:

1. Submit their proposed activities, including ideas for team-building activities and icebreakers, to Mr. Kenny Glenn Silud, Project Manager of the Shark Shelter Project, at kennyglennsilud[at]gmail[dot]com on or before Friday, March 16. 

The Trashformers will teach and co-facilitate team-building activities. The recommended flow of the class is to have a lecture, activity and/or workshop, and team-building activity. Trashformers are encouraged to incorporate their skills and talents to the workshops (e.g., arts and crafts, sports, singing, dancing, etc.). On the 5th day, the students will be divided into three (3) groups and will be expected to pitch projects for their school or community that may win seed funding for implementation. Thus, the proposed activities must also be able to help the participants to come up with their own projects. 

2. Have classroom management skills

3. Contextualize lessons to fit the local setting (Malapascua or Cebu)

4. Incorporate various interactive activities per session (e.g., games, fieldwork around the schools, experiments, group work)

5. Conduct monitoring and evaluation activities to track knowledge and progress

6. Assign an output (e.g., simple project, essay, etc.)


The photographer must take photos of the activities with at least 100 hi-resolution photos per day


The videographer must create a 3-5 minute video with highlights from the event.

Videographer and photographer applicants must send in sample works.

Learning about marine ecosystems through arts and crafts class at the 2017 Thresher Camp

SPS will provide the following:

1. Modest accommodations (homestay style) and meals from April 8-14, except breakfast on April 8 and dinner on April 14.

2. Materials required for the class (markers, cartolina, colored paper, projector, etc.)

Financial assistance may be requested for transportation from Cebu City to Malapascua and vice-versa. Airfare to Mactan, Cebu must be shouldered by the volunteer.

SPS is also open to sponsors to support the event (in cash or in kind).

Deadline for application is on March 16, 2018. Email Mr. Kenny Silud, Project Manager of the Shark Shelter Project, at kennyglennsilud[at]gmail[dot]com for questions and applications.

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