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Our Projects

Envi Education

Environmental Education and Conservation Leadership

in partnership with American Spaces Philippines and the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines 



Haquathon (Manila and Cebu)

The first Haquathon conducted a national search for tech-based solutions in the following themes: preventing or reducing marine pollution; illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing and coastal law enforcement; coral reef conservation and restoration; and environmental education. At the end of June 2019, the finalists were brought together in Manila and Cebu for a simultaneous three-day hackathon. Eight (8) initiatives, four in Manila and four in Cebu, were selected for funding (PHP30,000-80,000).

Haquathon 2.0 (H20)

H20 built on the successes of the 1st Haquathon and expanded the call for proposals to Southeast Asia. The themes were climate change; IUU fishing; sustainable tourism; seatizen engagement; and sustainable consumption and production. Fifteen initiatives were selected to participate in a series of capacity-building sessions held virtually. Five initiatives were selected for funding of up to US$2,000.



To seek and support individuals, groups, or organizations that have initiatives to address coastal- and marine-related sustainability issues. Initiatives may be a platform, software, hardware, or piece of equipment.



Haquathon (Manila and Cebu)

36 initiatives from the Philippines

Haquathon 2.0 (H20)

15 initiatives from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam



Haquathon (Manila and Cebu)

June 2019-2020

Haquathon 2.0 (H20)


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How We Made Waves

PhP980,000 invested to support 13 projects


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Environmental Education and Conservation Leadership

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Shark Conservation

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Waste Management and Circular Economy

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