In April 2019, Save Philippine Seas (SPS) and the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines launched the Haquathon, a national search for tech-based solutions to save our seas. We received nearly 100 proposals under four themes: preventing or reducing marine pollution; illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing and coastal law enforcement; coral reef conservation and restoration; and environmental education. At the end of June, the finalists were brought together in Manila and Cebu for a simultaneous three-day hackathon.


Four winners per leg were chosen with the corresponding cash prize to support pilot implementation: P80,000 (1st prize); PhP70,000 (2nd prize); PhP60,000 (3rd prize); and PhP30,000 (Seatizen's Choice).

1st Prize (Manila): (Catch Automation With Identification powered by Artificial Intelligence) is a mobile app that enables fishers to record their catch, aiding traceability.

2nd Prize (Manila): JunkEx is an online platform that aims to bridge waste sources and waste processors for a circular economy.


3rd Prize (Manila): SERENA (Solid Entraining Receptacle for Enviro Nautical Applications) is a piece of equipment that aids the interception and collection of debris from marinas and estuaries.


Seatizen's Choice (Manila): AquaLoop is an off-grid, economical marine buoy system that gathers and transmits relevant ocean data to the shore.


1st Prize (Cebu): ParrotFishNet aims to protect marine sanctuaries through the use of IOT technology attached to buoys.

2nd Prize (Cebu): KaPatrol is an offline multi-tool mobile application for reporting and monitoring of illegal fishing activities.

3rd Prize (Cebu) WAQ (Water Quality Monitoring System) is an IOT system that autonomously measures water quality parameters from around the coastal areas and aggregates them into one dynamic database.

Seatizen's Choice (Cebu): Reef Patrol is an app that shows real-time data in the reef, educating the public and helping the government regulate activities.

All winners joined the Haquathon Summit, held in Taguig City in February 2020 to present updates, challenges, and network with potential funders and partners.

Applications for Haquathon 2.0 will be open in January 2021.

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