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In 2021, the Haquathon 2.0 (H20) selected five out of 15 finalists to receive US$2,000 of seed funding to support their tech-based solutions to various  marine conservation issues. Project implementation took place from mid-2021 until early 2022.

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Carbon Add-ons


Carbon Add-ons is a climate-tech startup in Indonesia, striving to contribute to global climate action while empowering local communities. They offer voluntary public micro-climate financing through a plugin software app.

The app instantly calculates the delivery and packaging waste emissions of purchase and allows e-commerce, retail, shipping, and transportation customers to offset the carbon footprint of their purchase during checkout.


The funds collected are used to fund projects to reduce carbon emissions, including forest and mangrove conservation, waste management, and community-based renewable energy projects that have sustainable impacts on society and the environment.


So far, they have neutralized 505 kg CO2 eq emission from the package's journey of 6,808 km with 10 kg waste estimated by planting 20 mangroves.

Mohammad Naufal | Founder & CEO


To find out more, please visit:


Social media: Instagram: | LinkedIn: Carbon Addons | Facebook: Carbon Addons


Fish Bombing Detection


The Fish Bombing Detection project seeks to address the issues of the current fish bombing detection systems.


Current systems are very expensive, have a short battery life, or cannot alert authorities in real-time. This is achieved by developing a simple, low-cost system that consists of off-the-shelf electronic components and a cost-effective hydrophone.


This system utilizes a deep learning network to detect fish bombing sounds. Once the fish bombing sound is detected, the GPS location is sent to the authorities' phones (Telegram, Whatsapp).

Brendon Soong





Salain is a remote controlled and solar powered device, in the form of a mini-boat, that collects the oil spilt in the ocean.


Its operation involves recovering the oil collected to be reused by the target community, for fueling the fishing boat of the local fishermen for instance. The device can be used from small to medium-scale applications (up to approximately 400 sqm) and its design can be the reference to develop another device for large-scale application.

Jessie Beniales 

Email Address:


SALOM: Diving Into The Waters


SALOM: Diving Into the Waters is an environmental education program that aims to educate children about marine life and dive into the concepts of conservation through a website, animated stories, and online learning sessions. “Salom” is a Visayan word that means “to dive”. The project utilizes innovative approaches and is designed with creative strategies to provide a virtual underwater experience and simplify complex concepts for the children to grasp the lessons easily and put them into action.


The proponents are pre-service teachers and environmental advocates from Philippine Normal University Mindanao. From March to April 2022, Salom had its pilot implementation in eight (8) central and coastal schools of the Department of Education Cabadbaran City Division where a total of 105 Grades 4 to 6 students actively took part in the series of online learning sessions and activities. Salom is envisioned to be a sustainable and relevant program not just for the time being but for the succeeding days and years at stake.


The proponents plan to collaborate with educational institutions to develop more learning materials and partner with other schools to educate and empower more students. Furthermore, with the recent pandemic status and the ease of mobility and gathering restrictions, it is their goal to revamp the program activities by integrating onsite leadership and capacity-building sessions to equip children with relevant skills to become young leaders in conservation.

Alexis Sebote | Co-founder & Executive Director

Email Address:



V.O.R.T.Ex (Versatile and Off-shore Recyclable Turbine for Exergy)


VORTEx stands for Versatile Off-shore Recyclable Turbine for Exergy which aims to provide renewable energy on off-grid communities. Studies show that 7 out of 10 Filipinos, residing in remote areas, have unstable or no access to electricity; the most vulnerable of which, are those situated in local fishing communities.


To address this concern, VORTEx was created as an intervention to support the growing fishing industry as means to provide sustainable livelihood and better opportunities for local fishermen.

Niña Sherizze De Sagun, Corporate Secretary / Head of Communications

Email Address:


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H20 is a project of Save Philippine Seas in partnership with American Spaces Philippines and the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines.

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