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About Save Philippine Seas

It's been said the Philippines is worth dying for. 

We believe the Philippines is worth diving for.

Save Philippine Seas (SPS) aims to narrow the gap between scientists and the general public, the old and young, and the passionate and indifferent by empowering seatizens towards collective action and behavior change.


As the world's second largest archipelago located in the Coral Triangle, an area described as the "center of marine biodiversity in the world," we depend on the sea for livelihood, food, tourism, economy, and ultimately, our lives. Marine conservation shouldn't be limited to non-profit organizations, scientists, and government officials — it should be accessible, relatable, and part of our lifestyles.

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SPS began as an online platform in May 2011 as a response to a large-scale illegal wildlife trade case dubbed in the media as the “rape of the Philippine Seas.” What was meant to be a short-lived social media campaign continued to grow. In February 2013, we ofishally became a non-profit organization under the name Philippine Seatizens, Inc.

Vision: Intergeneration of proud and proactive seatizens for healthy earth and seas

Mission: Empower seatizens towards environmental consciousness, leading to collective action and behavior change


We've shellebrated several milestones:

Read more about Save Philippine Seas through the years with our Annual Report

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Not all messages come in a bottle.

Save Philippine Seas

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