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Areas for coral-boration

We see businesses as vehicles for sea change. we work with companies of all kinds and sizes to dive deep on environmental issues and explore the change we want to see in the world – together. SPS breaks away from traditional environmental campaigns and draws inspiration from everyday life, trends, and pop culture to attract different kinds of audiences. We bring marine conservation to the most unlikely places.

Stakeholder Engagement

We work with different stakeholders to achieve common goals and objectives. We’ve organized and facilitated multi-stakeholder consultations and dialogues, and conducted key informant interviews for various partners.


We see communication as a powerful tool for marine conservation. We create, write, edit, and design content for information and education, bringing in a balance of technical and creative expertise.


Our team offers curated workshops and modules on technical topics and transferable communications and leadership skills.

Policy Advocacy

We develop advocacy campaigns and materials and collaborate with policymakers and government officials to pass or amend legal frameworks so that they are science-based, enforceable, and socially just.

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I donate?
    You may deposit your donation to: Account Name: PHILIPPINE SEATIZENS INC. Bank account number: 00-2080010664 Bank: UnionBank Type: Checking You may also donate through PayPal via /
  • How can I volunteer? What can I do to help?
    If you are open to output-based volunteer work, please email us at We are looking for seatizens who can help us with campaigns, such as researchers, writers, photographers, bloggers, graphic designers, and illustrators. If you have sample works, send it along with your CV. The best way to help us right now is through fundraising and by using our toolkits. You can also help by: - sharing or retweeting our posts - reporting environmental violations to authorities - changing your daily habits to eco-friendly ones - donating to SPS
  • How do I invite you to participate in our events or give a talk at our event?
    SPS does not have any full-time staff, so we do not always have the human resources to speak in different events. Please email info[at]savephilippineseas[dot]org the following: - short introduction about your event - short introduction about yourself/your group - date, time, and venue of event - what type of participation you’d like from us, e.g., exhibit, booth, speaker, co-organizer, etc. (if as a speaker) what topic you would like us to discuss and time limit - resources/equipment you can provide - other relevant requirements from us We request that the inviting party provide support for our transportation and accommodations (if applicable), and a donation to SPS.
  • Where is your office located?
    We don’t have a physical office. We can’t afford it :(
  • How many full-time employees does SPS have?
    Zero. SPS usually has two to four project-based staff working on different projects, based in different parts of the Philippines.
  • Can I do my internship with SPS?
    If you are open to output-based internships, then yes! Please email us at We are looking for seatizens who can help us with campaigns, such as researchers, writers, bloggers, graphic designers, and illustrators.
  • Can we hold fundraisers for you or hold an activity in support of your initiatives?
    Of course! But before you start your fundraiser/activity and use our name and/or logo, please email us at about your initiative, so that we know about it and can support you, too.
  • How do I request for an interview?
    Please email with the following information: If it is an interview via email, please include the following: - short introduction about yourself and the media outlet you are representing - your intention for the interview - questions - deadline For articles published in a printed magazine or newspaper, please send us a hard copy of the publication.For articles published in a website, please send us the link to the article so that we can share it with our social networks. If live/video/radio/TV interview, please include: - short introduction of yourself and the media outlet you are representing your intention for the interview - questions (please note that we reserve the right to decline answering questions not -discussed beforehand, especially if irrelevant to SPS) - date, venue, and call time for the interview - suggested attire (if applicable)
  • Can I invite you as a sponsor or partner?
    We have very limited resources and cannot provide any financial support for events. We can partner by giving advice, sharing details of your event on our social media accounts if relevant to our cause, and providing a resource person if schedule permits.
  • Can I report violations to SPS?
    We urge you to first approach your local government unit and national government agencies about your concerns.
  • Can SPS stop an illegal activity in my community?
    We believe that protecting our natural resources is the duty of each citizen. We encourage you to report violations to authorities and to actively protect your coastal and marine resources.
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