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Laws and Policy Frameworks

 Bills filed

Shark Conservation Act

Shark Conservation Policy Brief

Save Sharks Network Philippines (SSNP) is a coalition of prominent voices in the Philippines’ scientific, NGO, and tourism communities advocating for shark conservation. From 2017, SSNP has been running a campaign on the passage of the Philippine Shark Conservation Bill that aims to ensure that shark populations in the country are conserved.

Several national policies on shark conservation have been proposed in the Philippine House of Representatives and Senate over the past decade. The past filed bills aimed for a complete ban on the catching, sale, purchase, possession, transportation, importation, and exportation of all sharks and rays.  However, these lacked to consider the life history and issues specific to shark fisheries and utilization.  

This 2021, SSNP has proposed a Shark Conservation Act of the Philippines that is more comprehensive and aims to bring a more comprehensive legal framework that would be more politically feasible and socially equitable.  In order to learn more, you may download a copy below. 

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